Purchase, Rental, Lease Options

There are several ways to get conditioned water into your home or business. Water softeners and iron filters can be purchased, rented or leased from Superior Water Conditioning. Superior allows you to select which of these options best fits your particular needs.

Just as many drivers prefer to own their own vehicles, many homeowners prefer to purchase, and own their own water treatment equipment. Due to the competitive prices and excellent warranties offered at Superior Water Conditioning, buying is made easy. Superior Water Conditioning prices are typically much lower than other water treatment professionals in the area. This is mainly due to having the manufacturing process in-house, and not having the overhead of the national brands on the market (Superior pays no franchise fees for being associated with a “national brand”). Superior utilizes the best components in the manufacturing process. Because of the integrity of the components used and the quality control employed in the manufacturing process, there are few problems after the conditioners are installed by professional plumbers. Should a problem arise, Superior Water Conditioning backs its equipment with one of the best warranties available. While most “discount store” varieties of softeners and iron filters offer little or no labor warranty, and only one year warranty on parts, Superior includes a full one year labor warranty and five full years warranty on all parts of the control valve. The mineral and brine tank carry a full, ten year warranty. As you can see, with low prices and excellent warranties, purchasing a water conditioner from Superior Water Conditioning can be affordable and give you peace of mind after the purchase.

Rental Agreements
Many homeowners prefer to rent their water treatment equipment from a reputable water treatment company. At Superior Water Conditioning, little up-front money is needed to get conditioned water into your home. Rental customers prefer to have a fixed monthly fee for water conditioning.  When you rent a water conditioner from Superior, you never have to worry about any costs associated with repairing the equipment in your home. Unless otherwise stated, all water conditioners rented from Superior are brand new and seldom need repair. Should a rental customer ever want to purchase the water conditioner in their home, there is a provision in the rental agreement for them to do so-at a discounted price! Superior Water Conditioning allows the previous 6 months of rental fees to be applied toward a predetermined purchase price.

Most competitors who rent water treatment equipment bill their customers every 28 days, not once a month, like Superior. That’s over one less monthly payment per year!
Call a Superior Representative for a rental price on a water conditioner to fit your personal needs.

Lease Agreements
While some people choose to own their water conditioners, and some prefer to pay a fixed monthly fee for water treatment, other people would prefer to own but can’t, or prefer not to pay the full purchase price up front. For these people, Superior Water Conditioning offers a lease agreement as a method of getting conditioned water into their home. A lease agreement from Superior is actually a lease-to-own agreement which allows a customer to lease the water conditioner for 36 months. After making 36 equal monthly lease payments, the leased conditioner becomes the property of the homeowner. The lease arrangement provides several distinct advantages to the homeowner:

  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Superior Water provides no cost labor and parts to the homeowner should a problem arise during the entire lease period
  • At the end of the lease period, Superior provides full, new warranty for an additional 1 year labor and an additional 5 years on parts.
  • Superior allows the customer to pay off the conditioner at any time during the lease period at a discounted rate. It works like this: at any time during the 36 month lease period, customers can choose to purchase the conditioner in their home for 75% of any remaining lease payments!

As you can see from the various options at Superior Water Conditioning, treating the water in your home or business couldn’t be easier. Call a Superior Representative today to discuss which option may be right for you.